Title: August Moon
Author: Diana Thung
Publisher: Top Shelf Productions

Description by Goodreads:

The townspeople of Calico believe in the legend of the Soul Fire – orbs of light dancing through the night sky, believed to be the souls of dead ancestors watching over the town. 

But when eleven-year-old Fiona Gan comes to town with her dad, she learns the amazing truth: these “fireballs” are actually the light from lanterns carried by mysterious rabbit-like creatures as they leap across rooftops! 

Leaping with them is the peculiar street boy Jaden, who rarely speaks and claims to come from the moon. But the games may be coming to an end, because Fi and her dad are not the only newcomers to Calico… when a creepy corporation starts bulldozing the nearby forests, she finds herself uncovering a whole world of secrets, and drawn into Jaden’s battle for the soul of a community.

My Review: 

The two main characters are Fiona aka Fi and Jaden. Jaden seems to be some sort of vagabond, and he’s always some form of trouble. Fi is the complete opposite, she came to town and stays with her Uncle while her Father researches the Totoro-like beings.  She and Jaden become fast-friends and discover suspicious people who look like they’re up to no good. 

This was cute. I didn’t really like the how the humans were drawn but the magical animals were really cute. They try to save their forests and the town, but this isn’t necessarily for young kids. There’s quite a bit of violence such as people and animals being shot. Um, yeah this was interesting. It was a little bit like Totoro on acid but it as a whole the novel was amusing.

At first it was a little hard to follow, but once Fi and Jaden investigate the suspicious new comers everything falls into place. The ending is actually a little sad surprisingly but that’s why I gave it a 4.5-5 rather than just a 4. The story had layers.

fun fact: the author actually credits Totoro as a source of inspiration.


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Title: August MoonAuthor: Diana ThungPublisher: Top Shelf ProductionsDescription by


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