Bio: Just voicing my opinion on the awesome and maybe not so awesome books of today. By the way I grew up with the IB system so I'm grading things on a scale of 1-7. 1 being the worst 7 being the best. A 7 means it's better than chocolate or it's something truly spectacular. A 6 is something phenomenal/excellent but sadly not better than chocolate. but it's close! 5 is something very good and I'd likely recommend it to people as I would with a 7 or a 6. just not AS enthusiastically A 4 is okay.../meh... it was fine but it had some problems if I were to recommend it, I would recommend it with a warning. A 3 is disappointing and it meant I struggled to finish it. A 2 is BAD I'd be likely to rant about how bad I thought a book was rather than ever consider it for a recommendation. A 1 would almost be unheard of but trust me I would not give it out lightly. A 1 means utter failure, that there was nothing at all redeeming about a book. Or that if it had redeeming qualities they were completely over shadowed by its flaws. I would have to truly loathe, despise and HATE a book for it to ever even be considered for this rating. (btw IB stands for the International baccalaureate which is the equivalent to AP programs in the US.)

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